Half Life Installation Problem

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Sep 25, 2005
  1. Ok so I bought the Half Life Platinum Collection, and put the Half Life CD1 in. It came up with the menu, I clicked install, but all I got was this:


    Im running windows xp with all the required things... and a fast comp. What is teh problem?
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    You don't need to install Half-Life with the CD. You can just download a program called Steam, make an account, put in your HL CD-Key in the Browse Game section and then Steam will download it for you. This program may be a royal pain in the @$$, but if your firewall can handle it, it's all the more worthwhile. Note that you need an active Broadband connection to use this program (I wouldn't go beneath 512Kbps of download speed) and a big broadband monthly limit (a good hard drive might be needed too!). Just go to www.steampowered.com for more info.



    P.S.: When the time comes to enter your CD-Key in Steam, just enter a CD-Key from only ONE of your games. It can be any one of them, and the Steam will download the whole pack (if you want Counter-Strike, you will have to enter the Counter-Strike CD-Key individually). After that you can keep the CD-Keys just in case one day one of your friends will want to play Platinum on Steam as well. And who knows, the CDs could make a good frisbee too!!! :)
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    Ok, I want to install Half-Life without using Steam cuz I want the Single Player Maps since some of them werew a little bit different. Anyways, i inserted the diskl, and all i see is a Half-Life Installlation screen poping up, and when i click install half-life, nothing happens, the screen just go away and never start installing.
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    First of all, the Steam version of Half-life is no different to the CD version, so why would you bother going through all that trouble. Steam is the way to go these day (I know it sounds horrible).

    Second, wait a little longer. Those CDs are a bit old and take a while to install. Try going "CTRL+ALT+Delete" and then in "Processes", check if any processes match "Setup.exe" or similar.

    Third, it's useless to return it because those store clerks (at EB) usually know about Steam and they will not take it back unless you try that.

    Good luck,

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    OK, i didn;t see any setup.exe, is there a way that i can insstall halflife with the disk? i'm trying to work on converting something here and i needed something from the cd game, not the steam version
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