Half_life 2 Crashes and more Crashes

By cogenmaster
Jan 10, 2005
  1. Man I have really been enjoying the game but it really hates my machine. The stuttering issue has stayed with mine even though steam patched half life 2. At least 20 times when the stuttering starts I hard crash....computer totally locks up and will not cntl-alt-del. I have to power off to get the system back. I am afraid one of these days I am going to crash and not come back up. I have the latest drivers on everything in my machine. My father-in-law hard crashes as well all though not as much as me....he thinks it is anti alaising and turned his off. Guess I will just have to live it.....but I think maybe they should have waited another year. Halflife 2 crashes on me more then any other game i have owned. Hopefully Stalker will be more stable.

    Windows XP
    ATI 9800 pro
    1 gig kingston hyperX
    AMD64 3000
    msi mobo
  2. DamageInc73

    DamageInc73 TS Rookie

    Audio problem?

    Try disabling your sound card in the BIOS setup (if that's an option) and try the game. I read of many problems with sound hardware conflicts while trying to diagnose a different problem I was having with HL2. It may help point you in the right direction.
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