Halo graphics issue.

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Jun 4, 2007
  1. Hi, well lets cut to the chase. I play halo pc every so often, but i've noticed that all the players on the online gaming are the color grey. None of the players change colors for teams, slayer, or racing. Even as i play as my player for halo, i still have the color grey instead of the color tan which i always choose.

    Is this a graphics problem? If so, how can it be fixed because i heard that for laptops it is very hard to change the graphics card or sometimes even impossible.

    I would like advice on what i could download to fix this graphics problem for Halo Pc.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.

  2. AtK SpAdE

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    First of Hello and Welcome to techspot! :D

    I have a few questions to ask to help solve the problem.

    Does any other graphic distortions occur with any other applications?

    Have you made any recent software changes?

    And can you please list the specs of the laptop?

  3. Drumsterr

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    In Response.

    Well actually no. Its only when lag occurs which is caused by the internet. I have just updated my ram to a 1GB but i have always had the issue with halo ever since i got the laptop which was in November of '05.

    This is what shows up when i start the halo game:

    We are sorry, but your computer's video hardware is below the recommended minimum spec for this game. If you wish to upgrade your computer, please contact your computer manufacturer for any necessary help.

    I called my manufacturer to see if they could be of assistance, but HP said there is nothing i can do to upgrade or change my video card.

    I hope you can say otherwise.

    I have a Hp Pavilion 1000, Notebook
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    Unfortunately, HP are correct. There`s nothing you can do to upgrade your graphics card. It`s built into the laptop and isn`t upgradeable.

    Regards Howard :(
  5. santaclaus1986

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    RE: Above topic

    I have the same problem with my halo. But it isn't on a laptop. I had a download and I lost it because I had to restart my computers hard drive thus loosing the program. If anyone could give me a link to the download, I would greatly appreciate it! Could somebody e-mail the link please
  6. Envergure

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    I get that in slayer, but not team slayer. On my school computers that happens too. One computer draws everything right, and we're not sure why.

    Laptops aren't always the best idea for gaming. They usually can't be upgraded (beyond more RAM or a new CPU) be cause they have so many proprietary parts. And they often don't have a GPU at all. Macs solved that by having one core of the Core 2 Duo handle graphics while the other handles everything else, but there are relatively few games made for macs (which is odd, because a lot of the work in producing a game is done on macs).
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