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Dec 18, 2003
  1. Ive had prob since last week. on thursday my pc suddenly reset when using photoshop, then reset on loading winxp and again on the POST then it just slowly shutdown. i could hear fans slowing down then it just switching off. seemed to me like a power problem.
    Since ive had broadband i havent switched it off since august and its been in great working order - no problems at all unlike my last mobo which was a gigabyte something.
    I left the pc off for just over a day then when i tryed it back on at night it was back to normal again, for a week, till this morning.
    I reset my pc to install a new camera and it stopped after saying the CPU. so what i get is - the pc posts fine, get the normal beep. i see the Athlon 2000+ bit but nothing after that. so now im thinking theres a memory problem. I have 1x256mb ram which i just bought from komplett. i think its Twinmos and crucial 512mb. havent had a chance yet to experiment and take a few things out to see whats working and whats not but i always look for different beeps on post to tell me whats wrong.

    Machine specs are as follows:
    Leadtek Winfast mobo (K7NCR18D PRO2)
    athlon 2000+
    creative gf4 4600
    80gig se WD
    400w dual fan PSU, bottom fan 'seems' ok
    768mb ram - twinmos and crucial using dual slot thing.

    Cheers for any help, when i get home from work tonight ill be trying a few things but this is new to me for it to stop b4 it gets to the memory.

    edit. home and the pc is ok for now. no doubt itll die next week too. so any help would be greatly apreciated.

    Merry xmas everyone, hope we all have a non pc-problematic christmas :)
  2. sabenfox

    sabenfox TS Rookie Posts: 20

    if your fans are slowing down and you actually heard/seen then slow down then maybe your processor is overheating so you may want to watch the temperatures.
    If not your processor then maybe your powersupply is slowly dying, so if you have a spare you may want to swap them out.
    That's the best i can do =P

    BTW : make sure your motherboard isn't shorting out anywhere
  3. jakkal

    jakkal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cheers, but afaik the temps are great. my last gigabyte board was soo hot and it made my whole case hot aswell. but with this leadtek board everything is always cool.
    got my case open atm and i only feel cool air comin from the fans.
    i do have a funny feeling its the psu. ive checked the mobo and theres nothing melted. im going to try a spare psu when my pc dies next time.

    cheers for the help
  4. Shiney

    Shiney TS Booster Posts: 160

    Better not to wait for it to die, I have just finished replacing 80% of someones computer after their PSU went. Sometimes they don't go gracefully :(
  5. jakkal

    jakkal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well... it was my power supply. managed to get an old 300w off my folks. when i took the psu that was in my case out, i noticed the 12v pin on the mobo connection was melted and burnt!!
    it was actually only the connecter itself comin from the psu. nothing seemed to be wrong with the mobo pins itself, thank god.
    The old burnt psu - the yellow lead, 12v was running at 15a and was a 400w psu. this new Enlight psu from my folks is only 300w and running on 12v at 12a.
    ive got a 2000+ athlon, 1 HD and 1 dvd burner. would the 12a be enough?
    Im dont know much bout volts and amps so if someone could tell me that be great.
    im hopeing it wasnt my mobo that burnt the psu pins. suppose ill soon know if it does it to this one too :/


    ok... 12a isnt enough. pc just shut down after i finished this msg. looking into new psu now b4 i do anything
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