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HI. i am new here and this is my first message here. can anybody please help me?

my computer problem started when i turned it on and it said that due to some blah blahs that windows didn't started successfully. i was made to chose with safe mode, last known good condition (sort of) along with other things. first i picked safe mode and it just hanged. then i rebooted and choosed last known good con.. all it does was hang.

i borrowed my friends good hd and after setting my friend's hd to master and mine to slave, i accessed my files nad saw that nothing was wrong. i even scanned my hd for viruses and found none.

then i connected my cd drive to my computer (i have only one ide cable) and removed my hd. but my cd cant be recognized. then i returned my hd, make it master, added my cd drive, made it slave. nothing happens.

i returned my friend's hd set to master, mine to slave again. formatted my hd (formerly win xp, fat32) to ntfs. then i ghosted my friend's hd to my hd.
then i used my hd without cd drive.. i mean alone, and it booted up.

my problem is even if i connected my cd drive as slave, the cd drive is turned on and even can take in cd and eject it. but it cannot read any cd, saying there are no cd in it when i insert one.

after that frustating 9pm to 5 in the morning battle with my pc, i turned it off. it snoozed and then when i opened it again, same prob. after rebooting, the ram check is through, i get a message that i there are no master (my hd) or slave (my cd drdive) present.

even if i entered in my ami bios' config, and press f3, not installed ( my hd and cd drive) master and slave wud appear.. :confused:

help me please asap. i have all my deadlines coming up and i need my computer very much oh please help me.i would really really appreciate it a lot.. thanks and more power :(


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Try resetting bios buy using the jummpers or removing the battery (cmos battery) on the board that looks like quarter.

It always works for me

Best of Luck...
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thanks. i would try that as soon as i go home later. by the way, do you think i need a new ide cable?


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monicaqyute said:
thanks. i would try that as soon as i go home later. by the way, do you think i need a new ide cable?
dont realy think so.. not unless its been ripened with old age...


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Sounds like time to buy a new CD drive. For now just leave it disconnected. You said the PC would boot normal when it's disconnected right? If it's dead it will pull down the votlage signals on the IDE cable, thus the HDD is not being detected.
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