Hard Disk Corruption After Power Surge

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Jun 30, 2006
  1. Following a house fire, which caused all the electrics in my house to fry and cut out, I am completely unable to access my hard disk. I've plugged it in to my brothers computer and the disk is recognised in the load up but then the computer freezes and cuts to a blue screen that says about using CHKDSK. However, the only way I can work out, bearing in mind I am a complete novice at sorting these things out, to load up windows to use CHKDSK is by also having my brothers hard disk plugged in, in which case the computer fails to recognise that my faulty HD is plugged in at all. I've got a lot of important infomation that I need to get back. What am I doing wrong?
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    You could try to plug it in another computer as a slave or secondary master and use something like this to see if you could get some of your data back..

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    yes, i tried plugging it into another computer, as i said, but the computer i plugged it into either crashes when it boots it up as a master or fails to recognise it if it is a slave. so far, the best i've seen is it try to boot up and it reads it correctly as a maxtor hd but then it goes to the blue screen and says 'this drive is corrupted'
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    i love Bart, if you can't get a hold of Bart use ERD.
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    try using an USB to IDE adapter. If the data is accessable at all you'll be able to retrieve it (maybe with some recovery programs.)

    If not, you might be able to salvage the drive but not the data by reformatting.

    If reformatting doesn't work, you're SOL. (what a bummer).

    Sorry to hear about the fire. I hope your family is ok.
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