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By binuvenugopal
Jan 20, 2007
  1. I have a 250 GB hard drive which i installed to my system...but it shows only 150GB . Could anyone tell me why is it? does this mean i can only use 150GB& not 250 GB.
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    Is this a WD drive? Did you run the CD that came with your new HD? Did you check your BIOS and make sure it can handle 250GB drives. If it can't , then you need to run FDISK or some sort of partition software to split the drive into two. So you would start off with 250 split into 125MB D:\, 125MB E:\.

    Or you just do the samething using Windows XP Pro Computer Management.
    Click on start
    click on run
    type: compmgmt.msc
    scroll down to storage
    click on disk management

    On your right panel you should see your new HD listed.
    Right click on the white shaded with black slanted lines for your drive listed
    you should see format

    Click on format..
    Select a name for your drive (volume)
    Example: DATA, SYSTEM an etc..
    I would leave the rest to for Windows to setup...
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