Hard drive configuration - would appreciate help

By korrupt
Jun 17, 2006
  1. Hello everyone,

    i recently purchased a 200gb WD hdd and an enclosure but am not sure what configuration to use as in which to put master/slave external etc. I have a 10GB IDE, a 80GB IDE and a 200GB IDE. As well as an IDE enclosure. Initially I though I should put the 80GB as master, the 10Gb as slave and the 200GB as external but am starting to concider putting the 10GB as mater, 200GB as slave and 80GB as external. The external will mainly be used for music (currently have around 45gb), the master obviously for windows and other programs and the slave for music backup/movies/documents and general storage. I currently have 2GB in program files. Would 10gb be enough to store windows on and all my other programs? Will the fact that the 10gb is only 5400rpm slow down my pc? And obviously if the 10gb is master, it will be about 70% full, will this slow down my pc? Does anyone have any ideas? The 80gb and 200gb are both 7200rpm with 8mb cache.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice and look forward to your reply,



    EDIT: My current configuration is 80gb master, 10gb slave and 200gb external.
  2. korrupt

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    Cmon people.

    Please help me out
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