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By anthonyp
Feb 10, 2005
  1. I am running w2k pro and i want to add another hard drive with wxp/p. I have put xp on a different hard drive but i probably havent configured them correct. It doesnt register both hd's or give me the option to boot from both. After reading other posts regarding this sort of thing i think i should have made sure what was set as the master/slave and also what part of the ide cable was connected when i installed xp. does the ide connection matter? i have xp on one h/d and 2k on the other but at present i have opened up pc to swap. do i need to start again with both h/d's installing any particular one first, which ide and master/slave settings should they be on. once this is up and running is it possible to transfer files (i dont think so). sorry but i probably should be leaving this sort of thing to someone who knows better, but i need to learn
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    What you should have done, and I recommend this if you haven't put a whole lot of time into getting XP set up on that other hd, is this:
    Set up your computer to boot into 2k but make sure the hd you want XP on is also connected. To do that you must make the hd with 2k on it Master (it likely already is) and the hd you want to have XP on must be set as Slave if they are on the same IDE ribbon. I believe you can also have both of them set to CS (cable select) but I have never used CS.
    Then when you are in 2000, insert your XP install. DO NOT CLICK THE UPGRADE, do clean installation or new installation (I forget which one its called). Then You will also have the option (may have to click advanced when given the option) to Choose drive letter and partition, or something similar, you will recognise it. It doesn't give you the option right then, it gives you the option once it starts the non-gui install part after you reboot.
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    Thanks for the advice. I did have some more progress earlier. I now have 2k on and the h/d with xp is recognised when i go into my computer. Obviously i cant access certain files so i will probably have to do what you recommended. thanks
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    You shouldn't be having problems accessing files UNLESS you set up 2 different names for the administrator. I think there is a sticky in WindowsOS on taking ownership if you are administrator.
    Your programs won't work on both initially. But if you install them to the same directory they were installed on the other OS then it will work on either and save you space since you won't have the same program installed to 2 different locations.

    How to bypass ACCESS DENIED error when accessing data from different XP/2000 install.
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