Hard Drive Corruption Problems

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Jun 23, 2007
  1. Hi im new to Tech Spot and desperately hoping someone can help here

    Had a pc in for a friend which has had a New motherboard, Has an Intel P4 Chip in out of an old pc with a dead mobo, RAM from the same pc, 2 "new to him" CD drives and the graphics card from the old pc

    So first off i put him in a 160GB IDE hard drive which we had lying around, i should point out here that it hadnt been marked an so could possibly have come out of another pc as faulty

    Started trying to install windows and it was getting copying file errors, got it installed and installing other software was very slow, then it did a windows update which kept failing to install and on reboot vista kept saying the system config was corrupt run repair windows, each time it did a registry roll back and it came back up - when i checked the error log it gave bad disk error.

    Then tried to ghost the hard drive but even norton ghost couldnt read from the hard drive

    So then took a 60GB IDE from our old sever which had worked fine for a few years, installed windows, office, all updates etc without a problem - all looking great gave the guy his pc back and his mouse isnt detected straight away so he hits the reset button on the front of the pc - once windows boots up again it then pops up saying the hard drive has a critical error and to backup and replace hard drive immediately

    So...... The pc did go home in his car, he says he didnt knowingly knock it or anything but theres a possibility its had a knock, It started playing up straight after a hard reset.... so it could be that? The hard drive has been in the server it was in for about 4 years before he had it anyway

    But i now have a new HD for him a SATA one this time, but im a bit worried about putting it in incase its something else causing it so wanted to see what you guys think??

    Should add ive had no freezing or crashing or bluescreening of any description to indicate CPU / RAM / Graphics even now the PC is still working but saying hard drive failure is basically imminent

    Am i being paranoid?
  2. mailpup

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    I may have missed it in your post but did you install the drivers for the motherboard, graphics card and sound card?
  3. Greatbritgirl

    Greatbritgirl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well vista installed them because when i put the motherboard CD in, it wouldnt run, gave some error in very poor english im not sure if it was because it was vista, although the motherboard itself said on the box that they were experts with windows vista

    Just out of curiosity - what would installing the drivers from the manufacturers website do do you think? I am getting the pc back in tomorrow to see exactly what its saying
  4. Greatbritgirl

    Greatbritgirl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Should also add that the server this second drive was in was an exchange server with very low ram and probably under a lot of strain OH when he gave me the drive said he was sure it was the mobo gone on the server not the drive and that the BIOS was just coming up with strings of numbers rather than detecting the hard drive name etc
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    While I don't have Vista, I don't think it contains all the motherboard drivers you need. But to double check, go to the Device Manager and see if any devices have yellow symbols next to them. Those need to have drivers installed.
  6. Greatbritgirl

    Greatbritgirl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Er yeah sorry i know all that - still dont see why that would affect my hard drive.... have ghosted his drive onto a SATA now and all seems 2 be working fine touch wood
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