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Jan 4, 2007
  1. I recently had to install a replacement DVD/CD R/RW. After doing so, the DVD-R/RW will not function. I contacted HP and they informed me I would have to do a complete restore on the computer. I have removed all the files except for the Programs. I asked how I was suppose to retain them and I was told to put the hard drive from this computer into another computer as a second hard drive. Then transfer the programs to the first harddrive on the other computer. Then put the hard drive back in the first computer, do the restore, put the harddrive back in the second computer, transfer the programs back to the harddrive, put the harddrive back in the first computer and all will function properly.

    Problem is, I'm not sure how to transfer the programs to the 2nd hard drive other than drag and drop. Will this actually work???

    Thank you in advance, and please hurry.

    luckelady who is feeling quite unlucky at this point.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    instead of listening to some tech who always say do a restore, tell us what happens when you try to use the dvd unit, we may be able to help fix it and save you a lot of work.

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    I am using a program called muvee auto producer. It worked fine before I put in the new CD/DVD read/write.

    Windows explorer shows the drive as DVD (E:) until I put in a DVD-R. Then it changes to CD (E:). When I try to write the movie to the DVD-R, I get a message - DVD not detected.

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    I am not sure whether you can move all your programs to 2nd HDD as some programs store it's file in registry and if you move the program folders, it may not work properly.

    If you have problem with your DVD Drive, i do have few suggestion here:
  5. nickc

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    the only way with windows to move all the programs is a format, I say this as I have tried to move programs before to other partition or other hard drives and this will never work, with some programs u can move them and reinstall them with no problems but others u better backup reinstall and then put the backup in place.
  6. Ididmyc600

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    I would consider the unit to be faulty, a reinstall wont fix that, take it back to the shop and ask them to test the unit, before a reinstall is done.

  7. nikow

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    For moving programs from one to another partition, You can use Norton utilities as it fixes the new path in registry.
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