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Jul 22, 2006
  1. HI
    I hope some one can help me out. I had a emachine T2885 and it stop working so i purchase a refurbushed Dell Dell gx 150 and was trying to install the old emachine HD. I keep getting and error message. What do I need to do to install this HD. The HD I am installing is a WD800. Is there some type of special soft ware i need to run. I thought if i just hooked up to wires properly it would works. Can some one help
  2. fastco

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    Make sure it is plugged into IDE0 and the red line on the cable is facing the number 1 pin on the ide controller connector. Try the ide ribbon from the Emachines computer. You also might need to update/flash the bios on the Dell since it is an older machine. Did you enter the bios and configure the hard drive? You need to do that first or the Windows won't recognize it.
  3. nickc

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    u will also need too reinstall windows on it as the drivers for every thing are different.
  4. Kevin16

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    I'm assuming you are trying to install 2 harddrives. Did you set the eMachines drive to slave?
  5. Rick

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    It would be REALLY useful if you could tell us your error message. Is it black and white text... A blue screen perhaps? Just something as simple as this information makes a huge difference while troubleshooting.

    If you'r getting a blue screen, then there isn't a problem. Windows 2000 and XP can't usually be yanked from one computer and installed in another. It simply won't work and it will give you a blue screen or hang during Windows boot.

    If you're seeing black screens with white text, it would be useful if you could tell us what the error is.

    Just some stabs in the dark... I don't expect this to be the problem, but please consider it if you are confident it is installed right, but it still doesn't work. That computer is a bit old and it wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't support 80GB with an old BIOS revision. If all else fails, you may want to look into updating the BIOS. http://support.dell.com/support/dow...=1&vercnt=6&formatcnt=3&libid=1&fileid=116391

    As mentioned above, you need also make sure your slave/master settings are correct. If you add the 80GB drive as an additional drive on a cable with another drive, you need to make one master and the other slave by changing the jumpers. If you put it on its own cable without another drive, you'll need to make it single master / master.
  6. reggieb99

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    not sure how to set it to slave any help would be nice. and not sure how to configure the systme any help again would be nice
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