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By kelsmit3093
Jul 18, 2007
  1. About a week ago, my computer froze(which never happens)...And I didn't install anything new or do anything different..I wasn't even doing anything that would push my hard drive to run fast(like a game or nothing). I was just browsing the internet, then I closed the browser, and went to click on the start menu, and then I heard a click noise(which sounded like it came from my harddrive), and then my computer froze..so I left the room for few minutes(thinking that it might come back around) and when I came back my computer had restarted and it was at the part where it lists your hard drives and ram, etc. and it stopped right at where its reading my main drive ...and then went to a black screen with the error: ''cannot find boot drive. press any key to continue'' . So I would and then the same message would appear over and over. This problem came out of nowhere..I have a pretty new hard drive(maxtor 250gb, 16mb cache) and it hasnt been acting up at all(as if some hardrives do before they die). The only thing that I could possibly think of that might have caused my comp. to freeze..is that it was 100 degrees here that day...but i dont know how that would cause my hard drive to go out? So any info or suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated!
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    Open your computer's case and check that the fan(s) are all running. Check to see if the inside is clean and free of a lot of dust and other crud... If it is not clean, clean it out. Check that the cables to the hard drive are solidly connected. If you still can't get it to boot, the hard drive is toast
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    I've got extreme HD issues right now too and am here looking for answers myself. The 100 degrees was here as well and put the heat on my Maxtor 80GB HD which froze-up like your's. Thank God the drive didn't crash completely.

    When I installed a new Maxtor 100 GB HD in a new Antec HD cooler with temp. indicator the drive still reached a high of 147 - even with eight fans running in the case. Turns out one of the exhaust fans on the PS wasn't working right which caused excessive heat throughout the case.

    I get the impression that an internal HD shouldn't get hotter than around 110-115 degrees. HD coolers can be found reasonably priced (ebay) - I think it's one of the best investments to extend the life of your HD.
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    Those HD coolers aren't known for having accurate temp readings. I have 5 drives right behind a 80mm fan that's mounted behind the front filter of my full tower case. These drives run 110F in a 90F room
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