Hard drive noises, BIOS sees it but nothing else does.

By joberly ยท 5 replies
Nov 13, 2005
  1. So the drive took a small fall off the top of the computer, nothing major it was about 6 inches inside a Venus external enclosure. Well now it makes some noises on startup and I can't see the drive in windows. The bios sees it correctly on startup, as a MAXTOR Sabre drive, but when I run powermax, it just tries to initiate the drive (which makes it make noise) and sits there... I let it do this only for a short period because I didn't want to damage the drive...... any opinions?
  2. patio

    patio TS Guru Posts: 482

    Try running the HDD standing ti on it's side and see if this works. I was able to rescue data from a HDD once using this method.
    At any rate be prepared to backup immediately as you might only get one chance.

    patio. :cool:
  3. poertner_1274

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    I'd say you did a pretty good number of crashing the head in the drive. You can try looking at the HDD in linux as I have had luck restoring 'some' data this way, but not all.
    Either way I'd suggest finding a new HDD.

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  4. gary_hendricks

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    Patio, the HDD standing on it's side? You're serious? I've never tried that b4 ...
  5. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    Some computers are built that way. It's not that unorthodox. My old work computer was upright with the HDD on it's side.
    Anyway, at this point in the game it's worth a shot as I'd belive the data is most likely lost.
  6. joberly

    joberly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I didn't realize drives were THAT fragile, I mean it was in an enclosure and didn't take a huge fall. It was a brand new 300gb Maxtor that I just transferred a ****load of stuff to..... DAMN
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