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Hard Drive randomaly reboots

By swissjc · 4 replies
Mar 27, 2007
  1. Recently when running my computer during normal operation in Windows XP Professional I could hear the Hard Drive turn off and on real quick. This whole turning off and on process takes only a split second. During the quick reboot of the hard drive my computer will freeze, and then a second later I can resume working as before. However after this happens about 4 times the whole computer freezes I and must restart the entire computer.
    Also on top of this problem I have been having a problem with starting up the computer. Basically if I push the on button it doesn’t always start up first time. Then after pushing it numerous times and wait for a bit in between tries the computer finally starts up.
    Basically I was wondering if anyone could help me out figure what is going wrong with my computer. So far I have tried replacing the hard drive, and that didn’t work it still did the same thing. I am having a suspicion that the problem could either be my power supply or motherboard. But I don’t want to replace them before confirming this due to the cost of getting new ones. Also both these items are only 6 months old.
    Thank you for your help, and if you need any more information feel free to ask.

    Computer Specs:

    • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo 2.4GHz Processor
    • DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D MotherBoard
    • Geforce 7900GT 256MB Graphics Card
    • 2 GB DDR SDRAM
    • NEC 16x DVD Burner
    • Creative SOUND BLASTER X-Fi Platinum Sound Card
    • COOLMAX CT-550 ATX 550W Power Supply
    • 80GB Western Digital Hard Drive
    • 250GB Western Digital Hard Drive
  2. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Check your event viewer for errors. (Start>control panel>administrative tools>event viewer). Check the System Area for any errors related to "DISK". Double click the item, and post the:

  3. swissjc

    swissjc TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I started my computer up and waited till the dard drive would reboot real quick. Then i checked the events of the computer and this is what i got. If you could explain to me what it means that would be great.

    Source: atapi
    Category: None
    Type: Error
    Event ID: 9
    Description: The Device, \Device\Ide\IdePort5, did not respond within timeout period.
  4. swissjc

    swissjc TS Rookie Topic Starter

    After some more computer use i got another event. Here it is.

    Source: Disk
    EventID: 51
    Description: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation
  5. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320


    You might find a solution here. I wouldnt worry about the Atapi error.
    One thing I could recommend for you to do is to download a free trial of Diskeeper (www.diskeeper.com). In the options tab, there is an option somewhere for "Frag Shield". You might have to look around for it, as I cant remember where in the program it is. After running this program on the trouble drive, reboot, and it should help your problem.
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