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I recently purchased a refurbished E-machine, and after having to replace the memory, finally got it to load windows, and reboot corrrectly. I did wipe the hard drive, and reformat by writing zeroes, then used the restore disks, and re-inatalled the o/s, as it had gotten corrupted after the memory crashed. I now have it running properly, but the HD does not show correctly in the device manager, or in the properties for each drive under 'my computer'.

The HD is a Seagate Barracuda 80GB (7200rpm). I have downloaded (and ran) Seagates 'Seatools' Desktop utility for checing the HD. It found numerous errors on the first test, and I selected to let it correc them, then ran it again, and it found 2 errors, and I again let it correct them. Both tests showed no problems with the memory.

The properties within my computer for each are as follows:
C: (Local Disk) 28.0GB Capacity / 19.1GB Free
D: (Recovery) 3.47GB Capacity / 1.66GB Free

Is there a way to get windows to recover this free space that is not being reported? I just got this all set up, adn would prefer not to do a clean install, but if that is what is necesary, I will do that. This is a model# T-3830 E- machine, with WinXP Home pre-installed, a 2.8Ghz Intel Celeron, and 512 Mg RAM.

I do have XP Pro available if I need to do a clean install, as well as Symantecs partition magic, although I looked through it, it seems to be able to reassign volumes of already created partitions, and not re-claim unpartitioned space. Thanks much, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Are you sure it is the drive that is reported incorrectly? Pehaps you just have small partitions created?

See the Drive Manager in Computer Management.


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the seagate disc should have the disc wizard utility on it if not dwnld and run it
this will diff show you the correct size of drive
unless you got one of the miss labeled drives
I have heard about
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