Hard Drive Swapping With Blank Screen

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Jan 11, 2006
  1. To anyone that can give me advice:

    - I have 2 PCS (HP Desktop Pavilions 7940 & 8860)
    - I swapped my working 40GB Hard Drive from the 7940 into the 8860 (which had a 60GB Hard Drive previously)
    - I also took out a 128mb ram card from 8860 and put in a 256mb ram card from the 7940 (the 8860 now has two 256 ram chips)

    Both systems were previously running Windows XP, though the 8860 was previously Win ME, but updated

    I cleaned the 8860 with canned air, and added the ram and replaced the hard drive with the one I wanted to use in it.

    When I turn on the computer, I get drive light flashes and both fans working but a BLANK SCREEN. The monitor goes into standby mode as soon as its connected to either the Aftermarket card or internal graphics card. When I disconnect the monitor from the PC I get the standard (Monitor not connected screen - so I know it is working)

    I also have a rage 128pro graphics card that I have installed and taken out numerous times to test if it was the internal graphics that were not functioning, but got the same results.

    Can anyone give me advice on how to troubleshoot this problem
  2. iss

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    the ram you took from one machine is probably not compaitable with the machine you put it in. Also you cant just swap hard drives that have an OS installed on them from one machine to another. you would either have to do a repair install or a clean reformat and reinstall of windows on those hard drives.
  3. Chaos83p

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    OK. My goal is to save my data on the 40gb hard drive that was swapped into the new cpu. With that, what would you suggest me doing (clean install ect.) and how do you go about this?

    thank you
  4. Chaos83p

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    Blank Screen After Ram Replaced

    I had 2 Desktop PCS (HP Pavilion 7940, 8860) and was trying to take parts out of the 7940 and put into the 8860 (Ram and Hardrive swap), so that the 8860 would have all of my files and added speed.

    [On the 8860}
    i took out the stock bus pc133 ram, and put in a 256 ram chip that might have been a different bus type. I also put in a different hard drive (with XP installed). When started computer, drive lights flashed and fans worked but got a completely black screen.

    I then replaced the ram and hard drive with the orginal ram and hard drive, and started again and got the same black screen.

    Monitor instantly turns to standby, and when unplugged says it "is not connected" or "is working properly". I tried this with several different monitors, all with the same result.

    I also tried a different graphics card with same result.

    Any ideas? Could motherboard be fried? (it was not touched at all by hands)

  5. iss

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    The first thing I would try is after putting all the parrts back in their original machines reset the bios. since you cant get into the bios becasue of the black screen you will have to unplug the computer then remove the cmos battery. let it set for about 15 min then replace the battery plug it in and boot up.
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