Hard drive Windows XP install problem

By upanddown
Dec 5, 2006
  1. Had a bit of trouble when I decided to install VISTA - a friend (?) said it should be evluated and its great. Put it on - after a fair bit of fiddlin and low and behold Vista informs me my video card (128meg PCIAGP) i not man enuff (rating 2.3) - plus the system ran as slow as a hobbled sail so I decided to go back to XP.

    Well after trying to get rid of Vista Ifinally put my hard drive in another machine and zapped the lot only to find that when i tried to put XP back o the machine informed me that it was missing ntldr. So to fix that I find the said file plus a couple of others and tried to ge things moving again all t no avail.

    Finally after trying many of the fixes for this problem in the forum I still find after using many good HD disk set up and repair programs - which all telll me the HD is in excellent health - I still have the problem they leave me with a dos prompt and you guessed it XP setup won't start in DOS mode. I have formatted the HD in another machine with XP (SP1) and still have the problem file ntldr missing and on a couple of occasons have had various .DLL files not on the Windows CD! Geeze I hate these lappy keyboreds too.

    After etting rid of the MBR, formatting and fdisking (forever)repartioning I sill haven't been able to reinstall Windows XP
    anyone with suggestions?
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