Hard Drive wont start.

By FastPat
Dec 28, 2007
  1. I just built a new computer everything is in it's right place, all connections have been triple checked, the only thing I haven't yet put in it's place is the case wiring for the on/of, reset, LED light blah blah blah because my MB allows me to just turn the computer off and on with little buttons on he bottm.

    Anyways, I start it all up all the lights on the MB come on when I actaully turn on the computer 'manually' everything fires up except my hard drive and the monitor has a blank black screen. No beeps, no flashing lights nothing just blank fans firing away.

    I have taken out and re sat the CPU, tried differn't RAM, tried without the Video card (it just beeped at me) I can't really think of anything else.

    The MB is a Nforce 680i SE, CPU is a Intel Core 2 Quad, Video card: EVGA 8800 GT, and the RAM I used is OCZ PC2 6400 dual Channel.
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    wrong forum. post in the storage forum.
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