hard drives not opening in single click

By halffedelf
Apr 17, 2007
  1. I am having this problem for a long time. Would appreciate a lot if someone could help me.

    At first, my hard drives (C:, D: etc) were not opening in single/double click. When I clicked on it, "Open With" window appeared to choose a program to open the hard drive with. If I right clicked on the drive, I saw the default action was set to Auto, not Open.

    Then I formated my C: drive and reinstalled windows XP. After reinstallation, C: drive started working fine, but the problem remained with my other 4 drives. Then I went to Folder Options, under the File Types tab, I clicked on Advanced to change setting for Drive. I exactly don't remember what I found there but I played with it and did more damage LOL! The whole problem remained, moreover now even when I right click on the drive and click on "Open", the drive opens in a new window! Please note here "Open each folder in the same window" option is still checked in the "Folder Options". The C: drive still opens in single click but opens in a new window.

    I don't have spare HDD thats why I can't format all of my drives.

    My girlfriend has exactly the same problem, her C: is fixed too after she reinstalled XP.

    Is it a virus problem because we share a lot of files? Please someone provide me with the solution!

    Thank a million.

  2. pioneerx01

    pioneerx01 TS Guru Posts: 277


    This idea is a long shoot, but try to go to > my computer > tools > folder options > file types. Under file type find drive (it should be one of the first few). Tell me what it says by opens with:_______. Or try to play in advanced options.
  3. halffedelf

    halffedelf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    open with: is nothing. its blank. Change button is as always dimmed.

    In advanced, Actions available are find and open. None of these is set as default.
    Browse in same window checkbox is unchecked and dimmed.

    No one has any solution to this problem?
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