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HardDrive causing computer to not boot properly.

By Pfraser ยท 5 replies
Jul 24, 2007
  1. I've been having problems with my computer and so I got things reformatted and It started working. I had this external harddrive I'd been using and hadn't used it for over a month since the reformat but now that I've used the ext. hard drive for the first time last night, in the morning when I went to boot up my Bios settings went wonky like they were before I reformatted and the computer isn't booting properly... This must be because of the external hard drive - for some reason the computer is trying to boot from the ext. hard drive or something. I didn't even have the Hard Drive on when i tried to boot a second time and it still wouldn't boot it was just looking for the hard drive i suppose. Is there some BIOS setting i should turn off in order to prevent this? I also did a system info/diog test with a program called Astra32 and it said:
    "Warning SMBIOS Information maybe be inaccurate"In the attached picture, it shows the first screen it stopped at when I booted. at this screen i decided to turn on the harddrive and press G to continue but then it brought me to another screen which said:
    "Veryfing DMI Pool Data ............
    Boot From CD :


    I've done a search on this topic and found similar issues with other users but one thing that is unique to my problem is that from the time i first used the hard drive again it's permanently messed my bios and boot settings even if I dont have the HDD plugged in - other members on this forum seem to be able to boot their computer if the hard drive isn't plugged in where is I can't boot whether it is plugged in or not plugged in.

    I'll be back shortly with pics.
    Thanks for your time and help guys.

    First Screen that gets stuck on boot up
    Second Screen if i press g from the prev. screen.
    My BIOS setup utility screen if I choose to go into it, In order to get there I press delete when my computer first is booting up at the first screen which is some kind of IDE drive bootup thing if i remember right. When i press delete this screen finishes what it is doing then it goes to the screen where i have to press g, then it goes into the BIO set up.
    Advanced Bios Features menu
    Hard disk boot priority.
    Boot Sequence.

    Now all those previous screens were from when the external hard drive wasn't plugged in... I tried to do a boot up with the hard drive plugged in and everything was the same except the hard disk priority, the next screen is with the hard drive plugged in.

    Sorry, actually as it turns out my HDD wasn't plugged in so that picture comparison between the Disk Boot Up priority were both booted without the HDD plugged in. When I did the same test but with it plugged in the USB HDD showed up as a separate USB HDD along with there others - it was placed 3rd in the list between SCSI-1 and Bootable addin cards.
  2. Peerob

    Peerob TS Rookie Posts: 26

    go into advanced bios settings and look at the boot sequence
    disable the drive you do not want to boot from and set select other boot devices to no

    can you post a picture of what is in the boot sequence under advanced settings?
  3. Pfraser

    Pfraser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There is a pic of that up there... unless you are talking what I can select for each drive?
  4. Peerob

    Peerob TS Rookie Posts: 26

    go to the 3rd boot device and select it, what options do you have? You should see your internal hard drive there, you need to select that. This is a bios setting you have that is looking to boot somewhere else
  5. Pfraser

    Pfraser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think the bootup is having trouble finding the drives... they have disappeared from the boot up priority half the time but every once and a while if I just keep rebooting eventually it will find a way to boot up... but it seems to just be getting worse and worse.
  6. Pfraser

    Pfraser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay so my options are

    Floppy [ ]
    LS120 [ ]
    Hard Disk [o]
    CD Rom [ ]
    Zip100 [ ]
    USB-FDD [ ]
    USB-ZIP [ ]
    USB-CD Rom [ ]
    Legacy LAN [ ]
    Disabled [ ]

    Man this is so messed... There is another Windows BIOS setup i can access after the one I have pictures of but I can only access it if the computer boots properly which it doesn't... I did manage to get to that screen once but if I did get to it means the computer did boot properly in which case It found my hard drives but that means I can't disable the USB drive that it usually looks for because its not trying to boot from it.
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