Harddrive isnt recognized when installing xp

By Eleventeen
Jan 28, 2005
  1. Ok, I have just bought a new intel 915 gev board. I hooked up all my new components but i have an IDE/ATA harddrive. There is also 4 SATA ports which i didnt plan on using. Since there is only one parrallel ATA port, i had to use that for my CD-ROM drive. Anyway, i bought an adapter that plugs into your regular PCI slot and it gives you 2 more ATA ports. I plugged my harddrive into it and tried to install windows XP again. When i get to the part where it says, "Press enter to continue, Press R to use the recovery module thing etc.." i pressed enter and it said that my hard drive wasnt installed on my computer. I checked all my cables and they were properly connected. I even checked my BIOS but the harddrive did not show up in there. Also, i checked my jumpers and they are set to work as the master drive. So do i have to use a SATA harddrive, or is it a problem with the adapter?
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    Windows will do this if it does not recognize the PCI IDE controller installed in the system.

    To solve your situation, you'll most likely need to install the PCI IDE drivers. Most controllers come with a floppy disk that has those drivers on it. You'll insert this floppy disk, begin the Windows setup and as soon as the blue screen appears for the Windows pre-installation, it will prompt you at the bottom to press F6 to install third party RAID / SCSI drivers. You'll want to do exactly that.

    Wait a few minutes, then you'll be asked if you'd like to install additional SCSI drivers. You'll want to follow the instructions, which should consist of enter and the s key to continue. Windows will read the drivers from the floppy disk and continue like normal.

    After this is completed, Windows will detect your drives and you should be on your way!

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