harddrive problem read inside

By shaunXXX
Mar 2, 2006
  1. my problem is little bit different from otheror not i dont know
    when i start my pc ,it shows you your processor screen like pentiem4 i gets stuck on that for about one whole minute and then it comes to boot failure
    i also checked the bios 20% it shows my harddrive 80% it does not show
    and during harddrive detection it runs xp butafter loading in a minute or so blue screen comes and i also changed my data cable also my motherboard is new and 4 months old and ram is also new 1 ram is 6 months old 2 is 1 month old both are 128 each but my harddrive is 8 yrs old
    pls reply as soon as possible
  2. pcrepairs247

    pcrepairs247 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    time to cough up more money:(

    8 years old dont sound to good m8. ur spec doesnt seem the fastest, so with an old hard drive its gonna cause problems.get a new one 80gig are quite cheap. n will save you a load of trouble. if you are to buy one tho make sure you buy a hard drive with ide connectors not sata,as ur motherboard will not support it. good luck
  3. got a more complete list of system specs? if you're replacing the hard drive, you might as well see what else needs replacing or upgrading. you won't have to look back into it for another few years if you take care of it all now.
  4. Brigadoon

    Brigadoon TS Rookie

    If you think it's the drive try CheckDisk.

    Start > Run > Type CMD > OK (brings up a command window) > Type CHKDSK /F > Press Enter

    This should check your hard drive for errors and try to fix what errors it finds.

    It might say the hard drive is in use and offer the option of running CheckDisk on reboot. If so press Y and restart Windows.

    You can see other parameters by typing CHKDSK /?

    Note the space between the K and the /


    Just re-read your post and realized you probably can't get far enough to run CheckDisk, so ignore this post!
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