Hardware Conflicts with Audigy 2 PCI OEM Card

By mmiller
Feb 12, 2006
  1. Hi Folks :)

    I'm having a problem with an Audigy 2 PCI card I installed on a neighbors system. I'm running Windows 2000 and the problem I'm seeing is that when playing sounds (like in Half-Life) the sound will lock up and keep playing a continuous tone and when this happens the entire O/S will lock up as well requiring a reset.

    The problem manifests itself in one other way and that's during O/S startup. When you get to the Windows 2000 screen (where it looks for new/changed hardware) the system will also lock up, although this is intermittant.

    I thought it was the drivers causing a hardware conflict so I installed everything from the original CD to different versions from Creative including Beta drivers - same problem.

    It seems to me there's a hardware conflict occurring somewhere. To that end I tried to set the configuration for the IRQ etc in Device Manager but the option to do so is greyed out (can't be changed). I then tried the BIOS in the system and while it does have a lot of different options on a per slot basis - changing them seems to make no difference as the O/S keeps the card on the same IRQ.

    I then tried a few different slots and the IRQ does change but the problem still occurs. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this issue? It used to be that buying a Creative Labs card meant borad compatability and a plug n/ play install but it seems something has changed over the years since I bought the last one :eek:

    Best & Thanks!
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