Hardware error 1024 Please consult your program vendor

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Jan 17, 2005
  1. I get the message "Hardware error 1024 please consult your program vendor" when I boot up the computer. I suspect this could be the internal modem which I think is seriously sick. I have reformatted the HDD but not loaded the drivers for the modem for this reason. What does the message mean? I have searched the internet but cannot find an answer. I am on broadband and I think the internal modem is dial up.

    Please Please help!
  2. adrian9

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    hardware error 1024

    I think I have found the solution. You have to download the CD from the speedtouch website. After the downloaded is completed, click on the driver folder and there will be an option to repair the software.
  3. silver threads

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    Error message 1024

    Thank you for your reply. In the end I reformated and reinstalled everything, needed or not and eventually got rid of that error message. - but acquired a few more Microsoft ones. These have now been put right.

    The error message, as you suggested, was related to the broadband modem drivers. I hope to move up to XP eventually, more for the supposed stability than anything else. I suspect that is when my problems really will start.

    Thank you again for the advice.
  4. pricey

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    Hi Guys, I'n new tyo this lark but have the same problem, where wouold the driver folder be located?
  5. radnam

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    ey, one more update for broadband users:

    Error 1024 on Windows Vista:

    1) Go to ‘Start’.

    2) ‘Run’ >> ‘msconfig’.

    3) Click on ‘Sartup’ on the tabs along the top.
    4) Then under ‘Command’ try to find: C:\Program Files\Speedtouch\……

    5) To make sure that it is ‘Speedtouch’, check that it says ‘Speedtouch’ and that it has a blue tick next to it.
    6) Untick the blue tick from the box. Make sure the right one is selected or else this could harm your PC.

    7) Then click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘Close’.

    8) Restart your PC and wallah, no more error 1024!

    9) Again do not try this if you are not sure about it as it can harm the computer.

    And if you guys neeed further updates please try my blog blog.eukhost.com
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