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By nicholas_t
Aug 11, 2007
  1. It's been many Processors ago... But! I have been trying to find MAX Processor Temperature a great place to start would be the Duo E6600. The MAX Voltage is 1.35v going by Intel standards without a temperature. Like most I would imagine that it might be 30° above room temp. I have not found it yet. Can anyone out there give a hand with a location? This is my first since the ole Socket 7…. Just a couple of years ago right

    Thanx, nicholas_t
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    I'm not sure its published. They give temps like Max Case Temp for the processor, and that is something like 63C, but if you look around you'll see people's core temps exceeding that and still running. Something is screwy with my setup right now and my core temps will get to 67C on a E6400 when running Intel's Thermal Analysis Tool. I'm going to put on a better heatsink/fan soon. I have it sitting here next to me, but I killed 2 computers yesterday when I was inside them so I'm taking a break on replacing stuff for a bit. I have no idea what went wrong.
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    Long time

    Yes, sure has been a while! Asus may treat there High End Customers better, you can't prove that by me. The First Board I received back from Asus's Repair Shop had a WARPED APG775 SOCKET! So I didn't even try it, There is a Spec sheet that Intel has for there parts manufacture, to make room for the important crap. It was out of Spec. ! Way out ! Like 0.020" Out Of Print. So I boxed it back up and went through the 5 Hour RMA and Report procedure all over again. This time it wasn't even my fault, I have to be honest I bought the board NEW ! The first incident was back in September or 07, I never received the second P5B Board until Late January of 08... This was looking good as far as the AGP775 goes, but..... I hate that word "But" The North Bridge, you know, the one that has the Bright Blue Asus on the heat sink... Well it was DARK Blue ! Almost Navy Blue. Showing that it had been running hot! So I pulled the heat sink and the chip was darkened around one corner, you could see it right away because that corner was without any type of thermal paste ! ! They got me again ! ! Another Two months went by my account info used to be on that system too.. So I had 3 - 4 bounced checks, Late Charges... And a mad Mortgage Company ! So.. Along with the rest I cleaned up the chip & the heat sink, applied some much needed Artic Silver #5 Thermal Compound... Like it would heal the North Bridge... Right ! ! This was Far from the New Boxed P5B I had purchased in 2007... I was in need of a computer, and could not play games with Asus any longer.. And not having the cash to go out and buy a new board, I finished the Install.. :mad: And so far anything that could go wrong has, Right now it is running... not as well as it should, I get sound errors with a note of not reading a memory location. My plan was to set up a RAID 0 +1, so I did some research and found that would not be a good idea with this Asus P5B. If nothing else I have a High priced Calculator.. 100% new in an old box...
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    Guess I have to make them shorter, but if I have the numbers they will help. I know ther are right also
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