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Hashcode 10190? Can anyone help with master password

By frankmelton ยท 40 replies
Jan 11, 2008
  1. hashcode 10190? can anyone help with master password? it is an hp pavilion ze4600. I have to the best of my abilities tryed to find it for myself, with no luck. furthermore can you tell me how to do it for myself? I thank you in advance for your time and consideration
  2. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

  3. frankmelton

    frankmelton TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you very much i apriciate the info more than you know

    thank you very much i apriciate the info more than you know
  4. predator25

    predator25 TS Rookie

    ID=10190 Unlock code=6a1sv36
  5. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    predator25, thanks for your quick help on this!
    wish you could also help the guys in the dell thread. any hand on dell passwords?
  6. frankmelton

    frankmelton TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you pradator25 the code worked! you are the man

    thank you pradator25 the code worked! you are the man
  7. pinkpanther77

    pinkpanther77 TS Rookie

    HP NX9010 HDD Master Password

    My problem is simple: I have HP nx9010 notebook with Seagate Momentus ST93012A HDD and it's locked. I don't know, it was a virus or something similar, but when I updated the BIOS, computer starts ask HDD ATA password. Of course, I don't knew it and when I pressed several times wrong combination, HDD went unreadable status.

    It's any kind of solution to calculate right master password for this machine to unlock this HDD (with atapwd or MHDD utility or some other (??))?

    I can view in the BIOS of this HP nx9010 Service ID 13315. Is this the same as the hash code? If it is, can anyone tell me master password (I hope this help me)?

    Thanx for help!!
  8. micky12

    micky12 TS Rookie


    Hi all. I have an HP nx9010 with a system hash of 04155. Can anybody
    provide a master password.
  9. jvela001

    jvela001 TS Rookie

    to every body whit compaq nx or ze series
    1 remove primary battery cell
    2 remove cmos battery
    3 wait 5 minutes
    4 plug ac adptor(without battery cell)
    5 turn on laptor
    6 ok pass removed..
    7 enjoy
  10. laptoplooser

    laptoplooser TS Rookie

    nx9010 bios password...

    Hi guys

    i need your help too for my laptop...
    this is a old HP nx9010 w/bios password...

    System Hash Code is 07547.

    Thanks for your aid.
  11. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    for hash [07547] password is 1214401

  12. micky12

    micky12 TS Rookie


    Can anybody help me with my biospassword.
    Hi all. I have an HP nx9010 with a system hash code 04155.
  13. ssormanni

    ssormanni TS Rookie

    I've same problem with my old omnibook 6000, Hash Code=14038
    thanks in advance if anyone help me

  14. cellardweller

    cellardweller TS Rookie

    Compaq NX9010 - hash code 11702

    I disassembled the laptop so I could take the backup battery out, then I let the computer sit for 24 hours or so. I powered up with the backup battery uninstalled (just from the AC adapter) and still get the password prompt from BIOS.

    I hit F12 and get prompted "System Hash Code 11702"

    Can anyone help me with unlocking 11702?

  15. ssormanni

    ssormanni TS Rookie

    I resolve it to call HP italy, they unlocked it after send to him my purcase documents. very fast and no fee!
  16. flaviof

    flaviof TS Rookie

    Hi all. I have an HP nx9010 with a system hash of 08888. Can anybody
    provide a master password.
  17. pcsupply

    pcsupply TS Rookie

    Master Password Help

    I have a Compaq NX9010 with a hashcode of 09505. Would love some help.

    Thanks so much
  18. jvela001

    jvela001 TS Rookie

    a gift for every body...remember i also need help my inspiron 710 stag :C2R5591

    pcsupply : hashcode=09505 , pass=910mva2 or dml6bpg
    flaviof : hashcode=08888 , pass=iao2ybn or j22chz5
    cellardweller :hashcode=11702 , pass=h2x90n7 or eew6lif
    ssormanni: hashcode=14038 ,pass=q5fnypb or nu68dkf
    micky12 : hashcode=04155, pass=lquat33 or drlm0y6
    misterosty :hascode=08327 ,pass=zxr6gkf or 068q47c
    pinkpanther77:hashcode=13315 , pass= cir7cgx or xzudv0p
    hpgl :hashcode=07547 , pass=zcb6s71 or q83pkku
    plase predator25 help me..........
  19. bluehunt

    bluehunt TS Rookie

    i have a compaq nx9010 with hash code 02801.
    please help me.
    thank you very much
  20. cellardweller

    cellardweller TS Rookie

    additional help for hash 11702

    Thanks for the help on my nx9010. I have a couple of additional questions for anyone who's been able to use a password supplied on this forum to get into their BIOS.

    I am still stumped. I hit F2 for setup, and an "enter password" prompt comes up. Then I hit F12 and a "system hash code" box pops up with "[ 11702]".

    I tried both passwords supplied by jvela (pass=h2x90n7 or eew6lif), and am still unable to get into BIOS.

    What am I doing wrong? Both passwords I tried are 7 characters long, but the password prompt allows 8 alphanumeric characters, is this significant? Is the leading space in the "system hash code" popup significant?

    Thanks again.
  21. flaviof

    flaviof TS Rookie

    you can verified

    for hashcode 08888 the password is wrong, can you verified still
  22. jvela001

    jvela001 TS Rookie


    bluehunt: hashcode : 02801 try mdazkb7 or o0yjhek or yz3uqnu or j6py55g or hw813o8...
    cellarweller hascode : 11702 try qqunv4t or lrao4t2 or mmmjpfo or b4jxapd
    flavioff : hascode : 08888 try k8nqavi or vm11yni or 7et2ud6 or 0f4dmgn or
    remember for view the generated code lock u must entre 3 times any thing or 3 times enter then screen appears a grey popup wiht system disabled error "xxxxx"...or something similar...then say me if this code is=hashcode or different...i can generate pass with this code (displayed after 3 times wrong pass)
    for nx try this ..remove rtc battery and battery pack cells, plug ac adaptor then turn on laptop, in some few models nx series this remove all passwords..
  23. jcroa

    jcroa TS Rookie

    Please Help Me...

    I have a Omnibook XE3. I need a password for BIOS, my hash code is 07517. Please Help Me
  24. jvela001

    jvela001 TS Rookie

    try whit pass:xfsx9bi
  25. bluehunt

    bluehunt TS Rookie

    none of the codes work :(
    this is the procedure for obtaining the code i gave you:

    turn on laptop
    press f2
    "enter password" screen appears
    press f12
    grey pop-up appears: System Hash Code [ 02801] (there is a space between the first bracket "[" and the first "0")

    could you please try again and generate new codes ?
    thank you very much
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