Hassle connecting to wireless internet

By sappleton
Jan 18, 2005
  1. I have recently setup wireless internet on my laptop but have found that everytime I want to connect to the internet I have to: -
    1) click on 'view available wireless networks
    2) change advanced settings
    3) then tick the box saying "use windows to automatically configure my wireless internet settings

    is there anyway of connecting automatically so I dont have to keep doing this everytime I connect? (the box unticks itself everytime I switch the computer off)

    Please bear in mind
    1) the signal strength is always 'excellent' above 90%
    2) when the box is ticked the internet works everytime
    3) I had this problem both before and after installed windows xp sp2
    4) There is no firewall

    im only saying this because people have told me its to do with the positioning of the router, when this clearly isnt the problem if ticking a little box makes it connect no problem
  2. sappleton

    sappleton TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can anyone help?
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