Hauppauge wintv-radio Problems

By FyreKat
Jun 7, 2003
  1. I had the hauppauge wintv-radio in my computer for quite some time but just within the last couple of days I have had problems. The radio and the tv both will play for a while then the sound just stops. To restart the sound I have to mute the application then unmute it. One thing to note is before the sound stops on the radio i can hear what sounds to be maybe a tv channel or something. I have uninstalled all the drivers and applications associated with the wintv card, rebooted and then re-installed. The problem continues. I have searched and searched finding no help anywhere. Any help at all I would appreciate

    Hauppauge Win/TV Radio Version 1.52.20311
    WinTV2K Version 3.52.21079

    AMD Athlon 1800+
    Windows Xp home
    Ram 512
  2. mikehatch

    mikehatch TS Rookie

    I conacted Hauppauge Tech Support for the same problem this was their reply:

    If you are running Norton's Antivirus 2003 then please do the following. Open the Norton's antivirus 2003 application and click on the option then look for settings for instant messenger and Uncheck the MSN messenger. After this settings please run the WinTV 2000 application.
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