have 4 comps trying to network them all **long thread**

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Aug 14, 2006
  1. here's the gist, i have (2) routers here and (4) comps to network. thing is, two computers are in a seperate room from the other two. I hooked up everything for two computers in the den and they are off and running on that router. NOW here's where my ignorance may shine with two or more routers, I hooked a cable up to #3 ethernet port on the router in the den so it can have a connection to the OTHER router in the bedroom, plugged in to the (internet) port on the back of bedroom router. then i hooked my 2 bedroom comps into the respective ethernet slots and turned the systems on. but poo poo its not working when i web search with the bedroom systems. reason why im doing this to begin with is because i dont have enough cable length for the 2 systems in the bedroom to reach my den ethernet, so i figured with a second router in hand, i can just use what i have and try to make it work. I have a few hunches as to why its not working, but i may need a little input from some network gurus.
  2. blue_dragon

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    I actually understood you 0_0

    Im not sure if a router can communicate with another router but I get what your saying
    I suggest DHCP is enabled on the second router and on the two computers connecting to the secondary router
  3. Nodsu

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    Connect the routers using their LAN ports, disable DHCP on the secondary router, make sure the routers have different LAN addresses.
  4. Samstoned

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    make sure the line from the 1st router goes to the uplink port of 2nd router if it does not have one any port then lan ip address of 2nd router I keep on high end so as not to forget
  5. Nodsu

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    Why on earth would he want to use the uplink port on the second router? For double NAT, adding network overhead and making communication between the computers a PITA? Also, if the routers happen to have the same LAN network addresses, the machines behind the secondary would be unable to access the internet.
  6. Rick

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    Not correct.
  7. Samstoned

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    well I better contact linksys
    thats how that say to set it up
    of course they do say if there is no uplink use any other????????
    and would you not disable nat in 2nd machine make it a switch
    the routers will not have the same address
  8. zackery

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    crossover cable maybe?

    hi everyone
    its my first post here

    i have limited experience of routers but my first suspicion as to the cause of this problem is that maybe you are using the wrong ethernet cable
    to conect 2 routers together, via the WAN ports, do u not need a crossover cable?
    i suspect you are just using straight through ethernet cable.

    now furthermore, if the 2 routers are the same make and model
    they will have the same ip address

    does this matter?

    can the ip be changed on one of the routers ?

    it is an interesting problem

    and i would like to see the solution also
  9. joked u 2

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    i have done what you are trying 2 do so here you go... you need to set up or turn on dynamic routing. then one of the ports on your router in the den goes to the INTERNET port on you router in the den. for my system there is 2 versons i just guessed and picked 1. it worked so woo hoo. or you could just replace the router in your bedroom with a hub or switch. that would get rid of a lot of problems. as for every 1 telling you to not have the same ip's set the first one as dhcp and turn the second 1 off [dhcp] that should do it.Good Luck!

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