Have A D-link Adsl Modem Want To Buy A Linksys Ag241

Mar 1, 2006

    i have a d-link adsl modem supplyed to me by my isp!

    i also have a linksys befsr something 41 i think wich does not like this modem..
    is there some thing i can do to make them work as one or am i better off buying a linksys ag241 wich as you all should know is a modem with a 4 port router built in.

    now if this is the case will my isp block this new modem/router or am i good to go??

    my isp is optus and i cant remember my d-link modem number.

  2. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Why does your modem not like your BEFSR41? (excellent router btw)

    Some ISPs use MAC address locks. The BEFSR41 has MAC cloning so it can get around that.

    Can you provice some more details on what your issus are?

    LILSHEET TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what would you like to know

    i cant share the internet with my lap top i cant share files and well i cant ping it either, it only works if i give them static ip's but then i get no internet

    so i am stuck i thaught a ag241 would solve this as it has a router and modem all in one.

    has the ag241 got a mac clone too???
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