have you had this error ? "Invalid Vxd Dynamic Call From Vsdata95" Error Message

By 4511Tech
Oct 2, 2003
  1. The fix on microsoft says just to uninstall zonealarm but zonezlarm has been uninstalled and I still have this problem. I eve went to the registry and deleted all zonealarm files. now what format? and reload??

    please help!!!!
  2. pcdoc366

    pcdoc366 TS Rookie

    Even if you have removed ZoneAlarm, this message may keep appearing. You have to go into the registry and remove any occurrances of "vsdata". This can be done by going to Start, Run, and typing "regedit". When the registry editor opens up, go into the Edit menu and pick Search. Search for the string "vsdata" and delete all keys that have it in them. After you're done, you can reinstall ZoneAlarm if you want to. I have run across this multiple times and this always works.
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