Having a promblem with my Toshiba laptop

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Jun 11, 2006
  1. Having a problem with my Toshiba laptop

    My Toshiba laptop has been having a problem for a while now. Since I got it, about a year or two ago, it's been sent for repairs three times, but twice were mostly hard drive problems. I've had my Windows XP system replaced twice and now have one in German. Anyway, my problem is that my laptop often shuts off for no reason, sometimes within half an hour of me booting it up. I doubt there's something wrong with the power, because the LED lights are always on as long as I have it plugged in.

    If it helps to say, the first time my laptop was sent for repairs was about a month after I got it. I was working on it and it suddenly shut off. However, all of the LED lights were off and no matter where I plugged it in it wouldn't turn on at all. We had to send it directly to Japan where they kept it for four months, and somewhen in-between they told us they had to do additional repairs because some internal damage happened while it was being shipped, and I think it might be because of that.

    I also think it might be because of overheating or something wrong with the fans. I've air dusters to clean them out many times, and it seems to work temporarily. I really need this problems fixed right away, because it shuts off without any warning whatsoever and I've lost many a file because of it. Help?
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    Get speedfan from the downloads section and use that to monitor temps.
  3. Picturesque

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    Thanks, I'll look into that.
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  5. Picturesque

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    Hmm, haven't tried that either. Thanks a lot for the link!
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