having problems with vista ?, here is what I know

By princeofexcess
Jul 7, 2007
  1. I was just about to post a post about having problems with installing windows xp on my laptop. I fixed the problem myself (atleat I think I did).
    So I decided to share few tricks that I Think are kinda obvious (well not all of them) but i bet not everybody knows them so read on:
    cant run a program ? ...this might do the trick
    try going to properties->Compatibility
    click on run as administrator if it isnt faded (make sure its not a virus first! )
    and click on (check box) run this program in compatibility mode for :
    first try XP and click ok... still doesnt work try win 98 and 95 if it still doesnt work it probably wont but feel free to try the other windows if you feel like it.
    cant open a setup.exe file... :
    sadly this is my biggest problem with vista, a lot of setup files dont work.
    like my photoshop :(
    but I found out that you can unzip some setup files and you get multiple setup files (this is the case with itunes you get quicktime and itunes setup as well as other junk)
    you can also try running the setup from cmd.
    You can also try running programs with other programs like with quicktime and see what happens. You never know maybe it will work!
    that all I can think of, of of top of my head!
    Oh and if you can think of a solution for running my photoshop setup I be thankful!
    I cannot check run as administrator box or run this program in compatibility mode for box :(
    and it just load for a second and then does nothing!
    I hope you found this useful :)
    if you did please leave a comment.
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