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Apr 24, 2007
  1. my processor is AMD TURION(TM)64 mobile technology ml-37,MMX,3D now,
    ~ 2.0 ghz

    my video card is ATI MOBILITY RADEON EXPRESS 200

    and 958 MB

    the only game its works on my laptop its counter strike source..i play america`s army and swat 4..after 1 hour my comp crashes..can u guys tell me why..and i have all the requirements..if i never had the requirements the comp he will go down right way not after 1 hour

    maybe its the fan its not working good..can u guys help me..
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    Most of the time if you have some sort of internal error (software/driver error) your going to notice its effects within the first few minutes of game play.

    Being that you can play an hour then have a crash leads me to beleive that somthing is getting way to hot and causing the crash...

    Most laptops, even one gaming specific dont have the cooling they need for long runs of game play.

    I would reccomend checking out the info from the prior post and monitoring your temps. Before and right before a crash ( you say it happens ever hour of gaming) try taking a reading at lets say 45 minutes.

    Post the before and after results here and we can help disect them for you.

    If heat does turn out to be the bad guy, you can get a laptop cooling pad for not a lot of money which may help you a ton.
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    thx a lot..i will try to put a new fan on my laptop..and than i can see if its working good or the comp still crahes.if crahes after i put a new fan ..im going to by a desktop..no more laptops..
  5. gato

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    and more..when i got the laptop..he was brend new..i played america`s army and swat 4 and he never crahed..only can be the fan like i said ..
  6. gato

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    the normal temp of my comp is 54 c

    is it normal the temp or its to high
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