Having trouble installing PDA keyboard driver on PC. Has happened with Belkin & Palm.

By Cathy C
Jun 16, 2005
  1. HI: I'm CATHY C, and I am having trouble installingthe PDA keyboard driver onto my PC. Has happened with Belkin & Palm Keyboards. Has anyone else encountered this? I bought a Belkin keyboard which was supposed to be compatible with my Zire 21 Palm PDA, and when I tried to install the driver from the CD, I clicked on the install window and had only symbols in the window; ie gobbledi-****. I returned that Keyboard and bought a Palm IR kyboard. The same thing happened, even if I tried to download the newest driver from the Palm website. As far as I can see, my Windows 2000 OS, and my Zire 21 Palm software is all compatible with the keyboard. I can't get an answer from anyone. Please help!
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