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having trouble installing Windows Xp on my laptop

By princeofexcess
Jul 7, 2007
  1. Hey,
    intro (void) //you can skip this if it bores you ! :stickout:
    this is just a post to express my love towards microsoft.... (its a kind of physical love ''''hint it begins with the letter F''''''') :dead:
    I just bought new laptop, with windows vista on it :blackeye: (had no other option). after finding out for myself that this OS is really an experiment on my patience I decided to install windows XP on my other Hard drive. I got an original windows XP home edition 'Couldnt get pro and also its a polish version of XP but at this point I take anything but vista! :( ...'
    I put it with disgust into my cd drive. And ran the cd... ah yes the blue screen with I grown to hate threw years. I wait, it finished initializing and prompts me to click enter to continue. So I do, i see a screen I never seen before. Surprised I gaze at it little paranoid and begin to read what greatest programmers in the world have to say to me. I didnt write down the msg but it was something in the lines of "cannot find disk make sure its connected to power"
    } //end of intro begging reading here if you dont wanna hear my story but //wish to help
    ok to fill you in on /\ /\ /\ /\
    I got windows try to install it and got a cannot find disk make sure its connected to power msg.

    my laptop info: windows vista, centrino duo, NVidia GeForce Go 7600, its a HP Pavilion dv9000...
    ok so I'm not done yet I turn on my pc and try to run the CD from vista. I run the autorun and nothing happens. I go explore and run the setup and it does run but the instal windows XP is faded. I do what I always do and it help a lot of times on vista. i go preferences->compatibility and I run it with windows XP. This time it makes it better I can click on Intall Windows XP, but I get a msg :(
    Program Compatibility assistant,
    this program is blocked due to compatibility issues!
    Setup cannot continue because the version of windows on your computer is newer then the version on the cd (I KNOW !!! AND I WANT IT TO BE GONE I LIKED THE OLD VERSION BETTER !!! DAMN MS! actually I want to keep vista cuz I allready have 100 GB of stuff installed and I dont wanna reinstall)
    I can click check for solution online, and surprise surprise no solutions found !
    I cannot check run as administrator, but I right click and say run as administrator. I try running it compatible to windows 98 and 95 still same problem! I tried unzipping it with winace, its not one of those zipped setups like itunes :(
    Can anybody help or should I just kill myself!
    Microsoft is one of few things that make me literaly cry!
    WHY ?! Why Bill couldnt you just be a farmer ?? or some crazy scientist !
    anything but a programmer and a founder of MS :/ !

    Please post replies and you can also post your problems if you want to I see what i can do to help.
    (I posted a post that I already solved this problem but that was before I click ed on install widows and seen a capability issue)
    Any ideas will be appreciated, I am willing to kick myself in the head if you say it will help!
  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

  3. booz3d

    booz3d TS Rookie

    the message you see when attempt to install XP from CD is telling you that setup cannot find Hard Drive. that's because you have a SATA Hard Drive and XP doesn't recognize it.

    you cannot upgrade Vista to en earlier version of Windows. like you cannot upgrade from XP to Win98, as simple as that. my suggestion is to find a USB floppy and a floppy image for your SATA controller. boot from XP CD and press F6 when setup tells you to. insert the floppy with the files you have just created and load the driver XP needs to communicate with your SATA controller.
  4. princeofexcess

    princeofexcess TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ty man

    :D this helps hell lot !
    thx God there are people online I know software but need people to tell me how to work software
    TY man
    If you want I can give you invite for gmail if you dont allready have an account!
    and if you have JOOST the online tv pls send me an invite :p
    THX A LOT !
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