Having trouble OCing my 3800+

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Aug 8, 2005
  1. Well to make things easier

    My cpu is a 3800+ amd64, my Mobo is Gigabyte brand with nforce3 chipset and I have 2 sticks of 1gb PC3200 Ram

    I've been able to take it from the default 200/12x to 203/12x but anything after that, it freezes in booting. I know it's not a temperature problem because it's watercooled and is 35C under a load, even with the little 36mhz OC

    But thats a pathetic OC, and I had planned to at least hit 2500

    Anyone know why it could be doing this? After reading a few faqs and such, Ive seen than ram fsb can limit you if it's not fast enough, I've read that increasing the voltage may let you increase the fsb more, and I've seen some stuff about changing Ram timings - but I really dont know much about changing ram settings

    Any advice here?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    If you use a ram divider, then your ram speed won't matter. It should be a setting like setting your ram speed from 200mhz to like 166(or another speed between 166 and 200). Have you decreased your htt multi? Move it down one notch(if it's 5x to 4x, or if 4x to 3x). I'd think you should be able to get much more oc than that even with no more vcore. Do you have your agp/pci locked, so they don't increase with the fsb speed? It can be called agp/pci asynchronous in the bios, among other things.
  3. ThugLife

    ThugLife TS Rookie Topic Starter

    HTT Multi? Now thats a new term to me lol

    Ill look for that- what does it do exactly though?

    Ill also try to unsync agp and pci- thanks
  4. vnf4ultra

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    Htt multi stands for "hypertransport tunnel multiplier". It is multiplied by the htt speed(fsb, usu 200mhz) to get the htt bus speed (usually 800 or 1000mhz). So 200x5=1000, 200x4=800. You don't want over 1000 for 939 or over 800 for 754.

    Don't confuse this with your cpu multi. This determines your cpu speed. Like a 3000+ 939 has a 9x multi and a 200htt speed stock, so 9x200=1800mhz, it's actual speed.
  5. zephead

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    what core does your a64 employ?
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