Having trouble with distance on my network

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Jul 14, 2006
  1. Trying to find a solution for a CAT5 network. I know that under normal circustances CAT5 cable is good for roughly 100m/300ft. I have a situation in a church that I do work for where I need to connect one building to another. The current situation is that the line runs underground from building to building. The person that installed this didn't realize that this distance was 400ft.

    My question is what can be used to strenghten this signal, repeat this signal, or anything on the current setup? I am on a very limited budget.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. fastco

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    You would need an Etenrnet Extender like these or you could go wireless.
  3. jobeard

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    investigate Wireless; 802.11g (55mbs) router with a hi-gain, directional antenna
    on the existing system and a wireless card in the remote. If you have multiple
    systems on the remote side, you can use ICS (and a nic card) to get them
    wired. CAUTION: ICS takes has its address which forces your
    wireless router to some other address (eg: we can discuss the
    ICS later.

    best wishes
  4. Samstoned

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    go with fiber optics
    more secure and a lot faster
  5. frankcpl

    frankcpl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you all very much for the input. I have looked at going fiber, the church doesn't want to foot that much on this. Also, going wireless was another venture. I have looked at directional antenna's but the remote side has 5 to 10 computers that must be able to access the server, which is using the number. Easily changable I know, but the antennas and equipment has a little more cost than is budgeted. I am looking at about a $300 if that budget.

    There again I really thank you for your input, and the quickness.

    Has anyone used the ethernet extenders, and do they really work. Sure a 10mb is slower but could be a possibility, if they work and will fix the errors from being to far out.
  6. jobeard

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    don't get overly concerned re 10 vs 100. for YEARS the 10mb was the only choice :)
  7. Samstoned

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    a switch used or older model
    with optic adapter the cable and the end point adapter to router
    ya the cable alone is 300
    wired to wireless access point switch 16 port hub
    to wireless router still over budget
    what equipment in place now if none
    yr in it now
    my older 3 layer switch cost 150 usd 8 ports

    good luck
  8. frankcpl

    frankcpl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think I have found a solution. Has anybody ever use an ethernet backbone extender. I found a pair at enable-it.net. If anyone has any insight on these please pass them to me.

    Thank you again everyone.
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