Having trouble with new computer. No Sound =(

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Okay i bought a compter about 2 months ago from ebay. I know now porbably not the smartest thing in the world to do. Anyway it is suppose to have all these really good things in it and run really well but it doesn't play sounds.

the specs of the comp are as follows

AMD 2600+ CPU: CPU Delivers plenty of power! The Blade case has front, rear and side lights. It also has temperature control that you can hook up if needed!!

120GIG HDD: WESTERN DIGITAL 7200RPM hard drive increases speed and reliablity


FRONT USB CONNECTIONS : Located on the front side of the case to emilate hasels and stresses with big USB connections and reduces damage to USB items such as keyboards and cameras

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: Radeon 9600XT graphics card delivers extreme graphics! This card is still under warranty until 31/03/2008 paid $145. The motherboard has 8 channel High Definition sound that delivers quality sound.

GIGABYTE MOTHERBOARD: GIGABYTE K8 Triton motherboard was the most recommended motherboard in Australia!! It supports 64bit processors, AGP 8x and Serial ATA. This motherboard doesn't just have an unique design but does not compromise quality!!

it also has a 512Mb RAM in it

computer runs pretty slow aswell can anyone help?
My motherboard is a GA-K8U? does that help.

I love computers but i have got no idea about all of the technical stuff.

Does the processor determine the speed?


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I did a lot of research on your issue, to learn about your components for my own sake. As for the sound. Go to the 'start menu' and pick 'help and support'. Find out how to get to 'device manager' and how to use it. This will lead you as to why your sound isn't working. In general you can pep up your machine by doing a few things. Your 512MB of ram won't make it. Use 2 gigs of 400 mhz ram. You can learn to overclock that 2600+. Go to some over clocker's forums online. You can push your CPU to 70 celsius temp. Top speed is 3000mhz (over clocked). Learn to use the internet and the 'Help and Support' Windows option to learn about your machine and it's limitations.
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