HD has disappeared!! Ny E:\

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Dec 14, 2006
  1. Ok i had problems with pc anyway i tried system restore and when i was doing it it said it could only restore C:\ and not E:\ anyway it worked but when i checked my computer E:\ is missing and also i tried the restore rollback which didn't help, i really need help!!! i have 140GB of data on E:\ and i dont know what to do
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    First question, was the E drive on the same HD as the C drive, or was it created on a seperate HD if it was on the same drive read below

    its possible that someone had previously used a partition manager to create the E drive, and as most system restores are written by the manufacturer of the PC and will return the HD back to its original condition that is with 1 partition, the C drive, because any user created partitions are removed during the restore then any information is now gone.

    However if the E drive exists on an seperate HD then you have either a faulty drive or some other problem.

    You could try a file restorer program, there are plenty available, some free, some limited demo's and some that cost money but are worth it.

    Let us know

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    no, they are two seperate drives.
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    see if you can find in disk manager may just be a simple take posession
    and or
    unplug drive reboot power dwn plug back in reboot
    it is spinning right?
    sometimes I look to 3rd party software like paragon or acronis to fix a windows config drive error

    good luck :chef:
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    Yep I agree with samtoned, check the BIOS and make sure the HD is detected at bootup, if it isnt check the cables are in tight (remove and reseat to be sure) if you need to take possesion of the files see my link here.

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