HD problem plz help

By fishhbed
Oct 14, 2006
  1. I was using an anti virus while my computer got hanged. I manually restarted it but it started giving error message "Invalid boot media, insert proper boot device". Now if the same hard disk is attached to another computer as slave, window completes the process of installing its software but its drives are not shown. Moreover partition magic does not execute if the HD is attached as slave and gives the error message "invalid table". If the HD is disabled in device manager, partition magic then executes. Help me out. I want the hard dist to start functioning. Data recovery is not my concern.
  2. Rick

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    If data doesn't matter, you should delete, recreate and format a new partition on the drive.

    You should be able to do this outside of Windows, booting from the Windows install disc and using recovery console when the option to 'repair' appears. There are many posts about how to do this on the forum if you're interesting in trying it. :)

    In the recovery console, you can use diskpart or if you decide to reinstall windows on this drive, you'll be prompted with options to delete partitions, format drives etc...
  3. fishhbed

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    Actually Im not that expert in these things. Thanks for your reply. I'll be greatful if you elaborate it for me stepwise so that it comes to my understanding level. While I was trying to install XP on this HD, BIOS showed the disk and the available space but as I pressed F8 to agree on the agreement of windows, instead of showing the available drives on which I can install the windows, it displayed the message, " Windows is unable to access the harddisk". Hence no drive was being shown even outside windows environment. Are there still hopes for the HD to work or.....:dead:
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