HDD: Replacing Control Board

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Apr 20, 2006
  1. Alright, a chip on the control board of my back up HDD fried today and I need to know how to replace it and get it up and running again. This drive contains back ups of over 6 years of DATA that I do need.

    Where can I order/find a control board and then how do I install it?

    For further information the HDD is a MaXLine II 250GB SATA/150 HDD.

    Any information would be helpful.
  2. Tedster

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    either ebay, a used hard drive shop or computer salvage shop, or the manufactuer.
  3. Nodsu

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    That's not that old of a drive, you may be able to buy one new from a store.

    Mind you, the new drive has to be identical. You unscrew the PCB, unplug the cables, plug the cables to the new one, screw it.

    Isn't the point of backups to have a backup copy of your important stuff, not the only copy? :p
  4. Back_Lit

    Back_Lit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    For unscrewing the PCB what size of a Torx screwdriver do I need?
  5. Spike

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    One that fits the screws in the drive.:p

    The trial and error technique will tell you quite quickly :)
  6. Back_Lit

    Back_Lit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Obviously, but is there a way to gauge it BEFORE buying one since no-one around here (or anywhere apart from the Net) sells them.
  7. Samstoned

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    buy a small kit very cheap cheaper than buying 1 of
    they are diff sizes from 1 to 4 torx
    one more little thing
    the drive has to have the same firmware if replacing the whole board

    I have tried this before thats the only way it will read
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