HDD smaller than it really is?

By IonSen88
Aug 7, 2007
  1. To make a long story short; I basically tried to install a 2nd operating system on 1 hard drive using PartitionMagic, and didn't install it right away. A few restarts later, I got the black screen - blinking cursor. A fixboot/fixmbr command later, and I get the NTLDR is missing error. I then installed a HDD out of another one of my PCs that had WinXP Home on it already (used the disc to repair the XP files because of the hardware changes) and when I boot up to look at the HDD that I tried to install the 2nd OS on, it has 10.1 MBs on it? (it's a 400GB Seagate). I don't get it, why would there be 10MBs? I have a ton of files on this drive that I really need, any help would be greatly appreicated!!

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    Well now...........

    I am not so sure I can help but I have a comment to make. It seems that what ever program you are using to show that screen is still seeing drive 1 as a FAT drive of the correct size. I am not sure if you messed up anything by making that mbr repair.
    If you have Paragon Hard Disk Manager try running that and see what is says is going on. I have found that program really good at making things right. Sometimes it can be that the drive is not mounted (command from the old days) and that needs to be done. Be careful and dont make any rash decisions until you ask some others around here too.
    You may be only showing the drive D you made up above in the list but below it seems to show that D is 372.61gb!! It could be that windows has not fully seen the whole disk 1 (mounting partitions etc) and would add another drive letter if you rebooted. You do have a potential mess so go slowly is my advice.
    If you have messed up drive 1 with what you did, a reboot wont hurt it any further.
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    Just delete the partition from Disk Manager, and recreate a partition and format it as NTFS if you are going to put Windows on it. If not just delete the partition and leave it, then let whatever OS you are using partition and format it. No need to use a 3rd party utility when a 1st party utility works better.
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