HDD Space

By Ollie30001
Jul 10, 2004
  1. Hi,
    I recently networked up my two computers, no problems there, any way.....i copied some rather big files from one computer and put them in the sheared files bit over the network. Before i did that the computer i was copying the file to had 100GB of free space...and it took it down to 97.7.

    Anyway, after i didnt need the files anymore a put them back on the other computer and delted them hoping my HDD space would go back up to 100GB.....but it hasnt....it went up a little bit but not back to 100 % free space.

    I didnt install anything over the 2 days ther files were there and didnt really use my computer hardly, i have deleted thm from the recycly bin, done disk cleanups and everythin...but the space wont come bak....is there a folder were everything u do over a network is save or something and the file might still be in ther?

    I have also done LOADS of virus checks spyware checks and cleanups and everything and there is no problems there that might be causing it...so HELP.....i want my space back..... :(
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    While I know the following holds true for mapped network drives in XP and 2000, I am unsure if it applies to standard network shares.

    What I do know is that data from mapped network drives is cached. The official name for it is "Temporary Offline Files". I'm not very familiar with it or if this could even be a probable cause, but I'd definitely research it and see if you can find more information. :)

    The way I understand it is used files on mapped drives are temporarily cached so you no longer have to access them from the network directly.

    I am unsure where the cache folder is and how much space by default is allocated though.
  3. Samstoned

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    when you delete files form HDD
    the first time around you are only deleting the file allocation tables (FAT)
    this tells the hhd it can use this space to over write to
    If you want to see all your space back
    low level format or get a utility to write zeros to HDD
    plus in windows it writes a page file
    go to tools folder options file view and uncheck hidden files
    uncheck hide system files
    see what M$ has on your PC
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