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Mar 28, 2007
  1. HDMI, High Definition Multimedia Interface, now does it improve the visual/audio quality? and if so is it a noticeable change? I dont know much about the HDMI input but I just want to know since they're making a new xbox 360 version with HDMI, would it be worth it? If it does make a visual change is there any screenshot with and without HDMI?

    Just a bit confuzzled lol :p

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    Does it improve quality over what?

    It won't be any better than DVI, but it is a huge improvement over analog connections except component*. It will be better than component* for 1080p, but for the 720 range there should be a negligable difference.

    I think the huge push for HDMI is that it is a digital interface that supports content protection (bad for consumer) and it squeezes in audio in the same cable, so it is a neater/cleaner setup for AV systems.

    *Error pointed out by vnf4ultra has been fixed
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    Your point is right, but you mean component, not composite.
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    Gah, you are right. And I always am on the lookout for that mistake in other people's posts :)
  5. British_Command

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    Thanks for that, so HDMI would be better for 1080p tv's but not the 720 range, mine is a 1080i so it would be better with HDMI or would it not make much of a difference.

  6. SNGX1275

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    Probably would be better to invest in the HDMI, I'm a big fan of component, but it isn't the future, HDMI is. I think for the 360 it would be worth it, check out monoprice.com for cables, you don't need a $180 HDMI cable because it is a digital interface, the signal either works or it doesn't, unlike analog where there is a difference in cable quality.

    And HDMI requires less cabling.
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