HDTV, Geforce 6600, and a two inch madden screen, WTF?

By latrell78
Jan 17, 2006
  1. So, I have been experimenting with some new settings on my tv and have had the urge to switch my video output on my GeForce 6600 from S-Video to Component. Now, with several tweaks I can get the desktop to output with component on the 1920x1080i setting (actual resolution after adjustment= 1632x920, 32bit, 60Hz) and the GeForce recognizes it as an HDTV, brand and all. So.... the desktop fits the screen fine (30in wide 16:9), however, when I try to run a video off the hard drive or play any video games, I get a screen that is about 4inx4in. WTF? How do I rectify this problem. Can I get a program or change a setting that will stretch the games and video out? Any suggestions will help immensely. Also let me know if I can provide more info that would help one of you kind souls help me. I also have a DVI to HDMI cable that I have tried. It has roughly the same problem with a little more screen flicker.

    My vidcard is PNY GeForce 6600 using component out (4x AGP on MB w/ 2GHz Athlon). TV is Panasonic 30in widescreen HD Tau using component in.

    PLZ HELP!!!!! :bounce:
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