Headache with Dell D620 password

By vijiz ยท 5 replies
Jul 31, 2007
  1. W'sup Techspot members? Anyone out there with the solution to power-ON password for Dell D620?
  2. Char_X

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    please read the faqs in the laptop forum and post there next time with laptop questions.
  4. who_cares

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    D620 Bios pasword

    Try this password I had from Dell

    ictkkch6 and press Ctrl+Enter

    Life is a piece of ****, but when i went to the toilet i get rid of some.
  5. sika

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    alrite mate i've looked everywhere and havnt been able to get mine unlocked either, some can unlocked them by generating a code for it but your lucky if anybody replys or does it for free, most peopel charge, so i'm stuck here with a d620 too, how annoying
  6. mtl_seller

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    help with d620 password

    can some one send the password for my dell D620
    TAG: 56jyxc1-595b

    thanks lot

    All password help to --> Mobile Computing forum, <--please check the stickies at top of forum there
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