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hi i bought a processor AMD 3700+ i want to know i dont know if the standard heatsnk came with a thermal pad or thermal paste bu if it is a thermal pad how do i get it off and did it melt yet i have nt gone over 95o F. with my processor please help


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Could use some more info- did you buy the boxed CPU and install it yourself? If so, the pad would have been evident on the bottom of the heatsink. If there was nothing on the mating surface of the heatsink, you need to NOT run your CPU until you remove the HSF and apply thermal past between the processor and the HSF! ( Arctic Silver is preferred, their website has application instructions.)

If there WAS a gray-looking substance on the heatsink, and you followed the installation instructions, it can take some time for it to "burn in." I am not familiar with AMD, but for my Intel P4, it was something like 100 cycles (sytem off, down to room temp, then back on). Don't quote me on that 100- can't remember where I read that.

Post back on that thermal pad business- it's important. :)
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