Hello all, another noob here

By mom2techsupport
Sep 3, 2008
  1. what a great board here :).

    as hinted to by username i am (among other things) mom to some kiddos--one of whom is becoming quite the proficient tech guy. i'm excited for him that he has found his thing. i've been trying to keep up so i can help him out with his projects.

    since the instructions here are pretty explicit i won't go into our challenges. instead, i'll boast about the accomplishments of the past few months.

    we've revived several dinosaur computers by switching out parts to find the working ones, cleaning hard drives and installing operating systems--starting with old windows discs and then using linux. my son figured out the whole text install thing to get some old dells going too.

    although we've had to make a few minor purchases, almost everything we've used has been from computers that were destined for landfills. he's put computers together for every member of our family. he's working on one for his grandma now.

    i've come here a few times when he was stuck to get some direction on what to suggest next.

    thanks for the great board, and for all the time and knowledge so many of you have shared.
  2. Deeger

    Deeger TS Rookie

    You just stole my title. I'm offended.

    Just kidding. Sounds like you've had some great successes. I always love hearing about old computers being dissembled and reused. Keep those landfills small!
  3. mom2techsupport

    mom2techsupport TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i do love that we're keeping those parts from the landfill. because we have a large family (5 kids), i feel it's important for us to minimize our impact where we can.

    ...off to post my noob questions now ;)...
  4. hamerboy1

    hamerboy1 TS Rookie

    I agree with you on that!! Sounds like your young-un is learning pretty well. Nothing like learning from experience.
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